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The Helios Regiment
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 Application for Ranfar

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Application for Ranfar Empty
PostSubject: Application for Ranfar   Application for Ranfar EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 8:09 pm

Read all carefully. Copy and paste the application form given below in a new post and fill it.
Only complete applications will be considered for evaluation. Thank you for your time.

Whats your Ingame name: Ranfar

How old are you?: 30

Career(aka Class): Warrior Priest

Career Rank : 17

Regular playing times (What days/hours are you online, be elaborate) : GMT evenings and during the day if I'm not on contract.

Anyone in our guild that can vouch for you? : Vaguely Xylia

Guild History (and an explanation why you're no longer with them): N/a

Any particular reason why you want to join our guild? : I wanted to get into the game more and to do so a guild really helps. I looked at a few and talked to a few players on the server and thought I'd apply for yours.

What Makes you a Good Member for our Guild?: I turn up when I say I will and stay in character as much as possible, I'm not greedy and I feel that this game is about being part of 'the team' not an individual.

Do You Enjoy Role-playing and Do it often?: Since I was nine but not for a few years... enjoy all the detail and the RvR is definitely entertaining.

Do you know the need and greed rule?: Yes

Lastly anything you would like to tell us IC or OOC?:
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Application for Ranfar Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for Ranfar   Application for Ranfar EmptyTue Oct 21, 2008 8:45 pm

Seems decent. When the server gets up, contact either Bitterbeard, Krigor, Gloinar or myself to have a small conversation. Or we'll contact you sooner.
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Application for Ranfar
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